11 June 2013

Trap Jaw's dizzy!

Here is yet another comical storyboard panel by Rich Chidlaw from the season one He-Man episode "The Region of Ice". As funny as the produced episode is, there is a lot more visual comedy found in the storyboards. Of course this was the case with many storyboards as the final look of the episode had to adhere to Filmation's style and stock system. In this panel we see an incredibly dizzy Trap Jaw, with quite possibly one of the most confident-looking Orkos ever illustrated!

(click on the image to see it at full-size)


Kevin Martinell said...

The eyes on both of the characters say it all, as Trap Jaw's cross-eyed expression is a hoot, and Orko has that same expression as he did in "Dawn of Dragoon," when he introduces himself to Dree Elle! :)

Mosquitor said...

The most confident-looking Orko I've ever seen has to be in the panel from Ladybird's "He-Man Meets the Beast" where he punches the Behemoth.

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