08 July 2015

The Goddess ejects Skeletor!

Today I feature one of the most memorable scenes from the Masters of the Universe minicomic "The Tale of Teela!", and quite possibly, one of the most memorable scenes from the entire run of minicomics! Here we see the Goddess, now merged with Teela, confront Skeletor inside of Castle Grayskull. In the first panel, artist Mark Texeira illustrates the Goddess in a way that shows how powerful she has become since merging with Teela, emphasized with her flowing hair and levitational stance. I like the fact that even Skeletor realizes that he is outmatched, and begins begging for mercy! The second panel is full of such energy, as Skeletor is ejected from Castle Grayskull with no hesitation!

(click on the image to see it at full-size)

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