01 December 2015

A brief review #059 - "The Witch and The Warrior"

As many of you will know, in 2010 I published The unofficial cartoon guide to He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. At 300+ pages the book features 700+ pieces of trivia, 460+ deleted scenes, 360+ examples of animation reuse, 380+ quotes, 50+ abandoned episodes, and a LOT more! It is the book that NO fan of the Filmation series can live without! BUY IT NOW!

As an incentive, here is my brief review and rating (as they appear in the book) for "The Witch and The Warrior"...

From the moment the series was created it was always notable that Teela and Evil-Lyn appeared not only to be wearing a similar costume, but also had very similar strong personalities; often overshadowing their male counterparts. With this episode Paul Dini manages to explore Teela and Evil-Lyn's personality quite naturally, without the need for a forced heart to heart. The story itself is nothing spectacular, but the dynamic between the two females works better than it does in any other episode. The change of scenery and the inclusion of Mallek and Kothos, whilst good, never even comes close to the story we want to stay with throughout the episode's duration. 7/10

Now, may I ask; what is YOUR rating?

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